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The Most Powerful Word Is


Too often we accept jobs, projects and tasks that divert us from our dreams, goals, and ambitions. Refuse to get sucked into the vortex of distractions and obstacles that derail you from your chosen path.

Saying no is empowering. Take control of your life. You are in charge of accomplishing your dreams.

My dream was to write a book. I found a topic on which I have knowledge and passion (persuasion), removed most of the mundane distractions from my “to do list” and knocked it out. I’m very proud of the final product. I sincerely believe you will enjoy reading it and benefit from the influence tactics offered.

There simply is no better feeling than accomplishing your dreams.

Set your path. Clear your calendar. And take the first step today.


Become a persuadent today to learn the secrets of influence.



by the Seven Deadly Sins of Decision Making & Influence

Available Here


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